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Review ASUS NX90 Laptop

Review ASUS NX90 Laptop

ASUS is one of the few manufacturers without the bite of the apple company who likes to innovate and create new notebooks to new audiences differentiated. The ASUS NX90 is part of a line focus for lovers of music and audio professionals. The big plus of the model is undoubtedly its large 18-inch screen as well as two large speakers on the sides and some other aspects that today we will know.

In terms of design the ASUS NX90 has almost the same size of a small television then call this laptop with this name is a real compliment because the device 5 kilograms and more than half a meter long is undoubtedly very large call and portable. It's clearly very difficult to find a rucksack to carry vgp-bps2. His size impressed much but its design is not only notable for the appearance but the construction of the notebook is one of the most perfect view and a model in its segment.

Externally, the model is silver aluminum and has a smooth surface and very beautiful but when we opened the same surprises are just beginning. First we have a huge 16:9 screen with two huge speakers to your sides and then we have two touchpads, one from the left side and one on the right. The base is also hand made from polished aluminum and gives us great freedom of inspiron 1501 battery. The innovative design so no sweat tended to come from an expert on the subject.

Now let's talk power is also very attractive, the performance of your computer without doubt is as impressive as its design, so we have a Core i7, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB hard drive and sound card manufacturer's own Bang & Olufsen. The graphics are by the GeForce 335M with no less than 1 GB of RAM. Meanwhile we can expand the memory of this great thinkpad x60s battery to the 12 GB through three DDR3 memory slots that it has.

The most strange but not unattractive touchpads are both present, for those who like these touchpads these are very interesting, this to be compatible with support for gestures gives us comfort when mainly only the musical aspect. The other plus point is its sound, the sound produced by sound boxes is not only powerful but very clear and without doubt dell studio 14z battery is the best ever seen on a laptop.

To complete the multimedia connectivity that we are a Blu-ray, memory card reader, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0, e-SATA, HDMI, WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet or in finding all the connections on the market. The weak point is its battery consumption which in 2 hours using the same as normal. So a conclusion as advantages have a latitude E5400 battery, high definition screen, high performance, dual trackpad and a spectacular design. The disadvantages its great weight, cost and a very weak battery.

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ASUS B23E: 12.5 Inch Screen And Ultra-Thin Design

ASUS B23E: 12.5 Inch Screen And Ultra-Thin Design

A new ASUS notebook hits the market with a 12.5 inch screen and an ultra-thin design. ASUS continues to present new developments in its product portfolio for the year 2012 already runs. The new release of the company is the ASUS B23E, this is an ultraportable that stands out for having a small but very interesting 12.5-inch screen, refined design and all the power of Intel hardware.

In spite of having dimensions and appearance of an ASUS ultrabook it apart from the rest and classified as an ultraportable. The model is as powerful as a ultrabook but with a much more competitive price. The format LED screen has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels plus a non-glare interesting resource. The design is simple with a black dell latitude e4300 battery, the device is actually thicker at a traditional ultrabook.

In return this is much more powerful, this model receives second-generation processor line Core i Series models Sandy Bridge Core i3, i5 or i7. The speeds of the Intel chips can reach 2.7 GHz to complete the proposed maximum performance is a notebook with compact dimensions and low weight the dell latitude e5420 battery can receive up to 8 GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD graphics, HDMI output , 750 GB hard disk storage, input Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB 2.0 and 3.0.

The main focus of this notebook is a business market and data security resources prove this. The device features technology LoJack tracking equipment and password protection through the BIOS. The Asus B23E is available for purchase in the United States and its initial price is $ 922. Meanwhile Hewlett Packard launches a netbook with dell latitude e6320 battery and the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium, HP betting on small laptops announced the launch of the new Mini 1104.

The netbook has a 10.1 inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and comes with the new generation of Intel processors. Atom N2600 processor has two cores and 1.6 GHz frequency besides GMA 3600 graphics card and up to 2 GB of RAM. The combination allowed the manufacturer to place the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium. The dell latitude e4310 battery has specifications simple, has the WiFi network connectivity and HSPA +, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS.

To store data, the netbook has a 320 GB hard drive at 5,200 rpm and a 6-cell battery that promises a range of up to 9 hours use. Hewlett Packard Mini Model 1104 is available for purchase in the North American market for the suggested retail price of $ 399.

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Asus And Dell Continue On Devoting On Netbooks

Asus And Dell Continue On Devoting On Netbooks

Despite the expansion of tablets Asus netbooks will continue, "It's a sizeable market and will not disappear," said one analyst. The company expects sales of netbooks are stable in 2011. Taiwan's Asustek Computer will continue to focus on its core products in the category of netbooks. Despite the growth and popularity of tablet computers that threatens to reduce sales of Netbooks.

The company expects sales of netbooks are stable this year, Asustek and turn most of its rivals also has its own model of tablet. "Different customers have different demands, but we still see a potential market for netbooks," said Kevin Lin, general manager of Asustek. The company aims to sell dell vostro 2510 battery this year, giving the company a global share of about 20%. The company said last month it sold 6 million units in 2010.

"This is true for Asustek strategy because the market will not disappear," said Tracy Tsai, an analyst at Gartner Research. He said that many consumers now have more than two computers and Asustek can not change the netbook market by the tablets. The company will launch its first dell latitude E5400 battery model in Taiwan in March, the machine will be equipped with the platform of Google Android 3.0 operating system.

Dell has announced its new ultrabuk called XPS 13 c 13.3-inch diagonal screen. It occupies the entire panel from edge to edge and has a brightness of 300 nits and a white LED backlight WLED. Thus, the screen fits in a box, which is commonly used for the 11-inch models, this model allows the laptop to be more compact. dell latitude E5500 battery will be available with processor Intel Core i5 and i7, Intel HD graphics 3000, DDR3 memory in the volume of 4 GB and 128 GB solid state drives or 256 GB.

Another 100 GB of your data can be stored in the cloud through a program of Dell DataSafe. The device will have the support of some technologies to user experience with it, such as Intel Rapid Start faster and faster without the dell vostro 3300 battery by loading the operating system, Intel Smart Connect will automatically update your calendar and e-mail. When you purchase you receive as an annual subscription to Skype Premium.

Dell XPS line called one of the most successful of its dell vostro 1015 battery. It accounts for one fifth of all laptop sales company, and last year revenue growth from it amounted to 207%. In the U.S. ultrabuk should appear on sale in late February for a minimum price of $ 1,000.

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Laptop Dell XPS 14z Review

Laptop Dell XPS 14z Review

By name, this notebook looks like a different model Dell. Anodized aluminum frame is reminiscent of the MacBook. And the inside of the cover design and concept of the "14-inch laptop in the case of 13-inch" is clearly reminiscent of Acer TravelMate 8481. Hell of a mixture or cocktail literate?

Not so long ago we looked at a laptop Dell Inspiron 14z. And now we have a model on the operating table with a similar name. Twins? Just relatives? Or is it namesakes and nothing more? Try to understand. Outwardly, the two "chetarnadtsatzed" resemble each other only vaguely. The same, by and large, only joint cap to the body: in both dell gk479 are "upright" and not on the edge of the shell, and indented.

The most important aspect of mismatched design - the materials used. In the low-cost Inspiron 14z plastic housing, with a decorative ornament from the "shredded" the metal. In the XPS 14z all noticeably more interesting: the lower half of the body and the outside cover is made of anodized aluminum, like the MacBook. But, unlike the thinkpad x61 battery, "working surface» Dell XPS 14z - that is, the plane on which the keyboard and touchpad - not aluminum, and plastic.

In general, highly original approach: all the beauty of metal, for which the user actually pays to hide at the bottom and the back of the lid. A user is referred to propose the same realm of synthetic materials, as in the cheaper models. For example, openwork lattice air intake holes on the metal bottom of the dell inspiron 1545 battery looks just wonderful. And the same pattern - speaker grille - on the plastic panels for painting turned out pretty oplyvshim.

Nonsense, on the one hand. On the other hand - it's image model, she was supposed to attract the attention of just such small details. Usually companies that copy creatively reinterpreted design Apple, limited exterior. But the dell decided to go one step further: to heighten the inspiron 1501 battery and more icons OSD-volume, brightness, and the like. And rethink the most creative - even cleaned.

At last, keyboard Dell XPS 14z looks interesting and somewhat unusual, and has the correct layout is well established. In terms of mechanical properties of the keyboard is average - a more expensive Dell laptops puts more tasty options. Perhaps the main advantage of the keyboard XPS 14z - the presence of illumination. It is made less carefully than in the compaq presario cq62 battery, but its function copes well: in the dark buttons can be clearly seen.

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Acer Aspire 5253G -- The Full-Size Model For Ultra-Platform

Acer Aspire 5253G -- The Full-Size Model For Ultra-Platform

The big screen in terms of mass user is more important than a powerful processor. No matter what the aesthetes, it is equally true, as the choice in favor of a car with a roomy and spacious interior damage to the engine. Of course, if funds are limited and have to find a compromise. Because the subjective comfort has more to do with the fact that in the literal sense to mean and does not require any special skills to appreciate.

If neither the one nor the other does not, powerful unit will differ from the weak but that will consume more resources. And thus, in general, reduce the quality of life of its owner. A man could spend the same money on something really useful for him. Probably because of such considerations are based on manufacturers of dell gd761, in which a 15-inch screen is combined with the platform, originally developed for ultra-portable segment.

The laptop has a practical coating with micro-relief, so that scratches and fingerprints in the eyes do not catch. At the same time call it heavy, budget and primitive there is no reason. Rounded edges, moderate weight for a 15-inch model: about 2.3 kg with a very compact 65-watt sony vgp-bps9. Thickness of 3.5 cm does not indicate a low profile, but apparently the laptop looks pretty thin.

Inside the glossy made ​​a rim around the screen and the screen itself to please fans of cinema. In principle, for a home model, the problem is not so relevant gloss, as the room lighting can be adjusted so as to avoid glare. In this saturation is indeed rising. And because the apple a1175 used in the present case, of course, not an elite, an indirect improvement in picture quality will not hurt. Build quality is good, the gaps uniform.

Not only liked the design of loops on the sides of the gap at the site of attachment loops in the body is large enough, can get dust here. But at the same time for those who do not like the limited opening angle of the lid, most current models, there is good news in this case, the lid is opened to a much greater angle. The dell kd186 is fixed by design loops, which are very tight and lock the lid in the closed position with sufficient reliability.

One can note a very short stroke and low sound of keystrokes. The main use of arrow keys is not very convenient, because all four hands squeezed into the space of three keys. Rigidity of the keyboard panel may disappoint fans of vigorously pounding the keys, because even the average of the force pressing the dell c1295 detects the deflection, as shown by the adjacent keys. Much discomfort in the work it is not only suggests that this detail has no margin of safety.

As already mentioned, the laptop does not look fat, and in fact included in the dimensions of the legs, pretty much sticking out of the body that promotes good ventilation.

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